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We are glad you are here!  Below you will find the process for auditioning for membership in The Kentuckians Chorus.  The learning tracks and music are posted below and can be downloaded or listened to by most music software like iTunes and Window Media Player.  Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing your audition!

Audition Process:

1. After you have visited rehearsals about 3 times you will be eligible to audition.  The music direcor will blow a few notes on his pitchpipe, you will sing them back to him to check your pitch accuracy.

2.  Be prepared to sing the Valentine Medley by listening to the tracks and practicing with the sheet music.  When you are ready, you'll sing your part in an informal quartet before or after rehearsal or during our break time.  The music director must be present to evaluate your singing.  While we memorize all of our music for performances, it is not required for the audition so feel free to use the sheet music during the audition.

3.  Once you pass your audition there is some paperwork to fill out to formally join the chorus and the Barbershop Harmony Society.  The chapter secretary will have the necessary forms. Once accepted, you will be provided an account to allow access to our website and all the music and information necessary to be an active and productive member of the chorus.  Questions? Email Joe at: [email protected]

Audition Learning tracks and Chart

Valentine Medley Chart

Valentine Medley Demo

Valentine Medley Tenor

Valentine Medley Lead

Valentine Medley Bass

Valentine Medley Baritone


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